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The Fairbanks York Rite Bodies meet at the Masonic Temple, 402 11th Street, Fairbanks, Alaska on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. A family dinner is held at 6:30 p.m. Sojourners welcome.

  • Fairbanks York Rite Bodies
  • P.O. Box 70170
  • Fairbanks, AK 99707
  • Phone: (907) 452-2836
  • Email - Secretary/Recorder (All Bodies)


    2014 Officers


    Fairbanks Chapter No. 1

    Royal Arch Masons

     2014 Officers

    High Priest Harry Telling
    King Jeremy Harvill
    Scribe Mark Mellard
    Treasurer Monte Ervin
    Secretary Dave Worel
    Captain of the Host Jerry Van Vactor
    Principal Sojourner Mike Starkey
    Royal Arch Captain Jim LeFlore
    Master of the Third Veil Dona Rule
    Master of the Second Veil Larry Hovelman
    Master of the First Veil Robert Homoleski
    Sentinal Kevin Tennant

    Arctic Council No. 2

    Royal & Select Masters

     2014 Officers

    Illustrious Master Jim LeFlore
    Deputy Master Joseph O'Connor
    Principal Conductor of the Work Dave Arnold
    Secretary Dave Worel
    Treasurer Monte Ervin
    Captain of the Guard Dona Rule
    Conductor of the Council Jerry Van Vactor
    Chaplain Gene Freeman
    Marshall LLoyd Triggs
    Steward John Johnson
    Sentinal Kevin Tennant


    Commandery No. 1

     2014 Officers

    Eminent Commander Joseph O'Connor
    Generalissamo Mark Mellard
    Captain General Jeremy Harvill
    Recorder Dave Worel
    Treasurer Monte Ervin
    Senior Warden Kevin Tennant
    Junior Warden Harry Telling
    Prelate Jim LeFlore
    Standard Bearer Ed Rogers
    Sword Bearer Gene Freeman
    Warder Larry Hovelman
    Sentinal Lloyd Triggs


    Grand York Rite of Alaska

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